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powerful name in news, good night. >> julie: this is a fox news alert. employs a manhunt in washington stated for the suspect involved in the shooting death of four police officers. it happened this morning. authorities say a single gunman burst into a coffee shop near kacoma and opened fire killing four officers who were preparing for their day's work. the incident carried out in front of horrified coffee shop workers and customers. the suspect is on the run. i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: and i'm gregg jarrett. they are calling this a flat out targeted ambush, an execution and the victim's all police officers, three men and a woman. dan spring ser live in lakewood,
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washington, what can you tell us? >> i can tell you there is a massive manhunt right now. there are so many police officers right now. we are just about two blocks away from the shooting scene. you can see a two-story marquise down there a sign. at that sign, a strip mall and to the left is where the coffee shop is. every single vehicle on this street right now is a police vehicle. there are dozens and dozens involved in this investigation. they are combing over what they called a horrific crime scene. they are following up on numerous tips. they have told us they are working on search warrants. at that point they are giving a description as a black male between 25-35 years old. 5'7" to 5'11'' with a medium build, wearing black coat and blue jeans. he fired a handgun and headed south from the coffee shop. as you can imagine the police officers badly want to get him
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in custody. >> gregg: what more can you tell us about the officers who were executed? >> yeah. we can tell you they were targeted. police are saying these are four officers were from the lakewood police department. three men, one woman. one was a sergeant. we're not sure if it was a man or female that was the sergeant but they were just getting ready for the day. they were at the coffee shop. it was around 8:15 and they start work around 9:. they were going over who they were going to be looking for that day. they were not on a coordinated detail as far as we can tell. that is why the police say there were no immediate threats to the officers or to lakewood police department. they are calling this a random ambush of these officers. there were two baristas in the coffee shop in addition to two
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customers. they were shocked by what they saw and they are being interviewed by police, but they don't have any motive for the shooting. >> gregg: there was an officer killed in seattle about a month ago. did police think there might be some kind of action connection there? >> you're right. a highly publicized shooting on halloween night. two officers sitting in a patrol car in seattle and man came up opening fire killing one of the officers. he was caught within a week. the suspect was caught and he is in custody right now possibly facing the death penalty. we asked if there was a possible connection to that. the officers here say they don't believe there is any connection other an possible copycat motive which is hard to believe. right now, all we knee there is a massive manhunt for a suspect. there might be a possible suspect and they also looking
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into some vehicles that were seen in the area. they are not giving a description of a possible vehicle but we know there there are multiple locations where they have actions going on, search warrants being executed. they are doing everything they can to bring this person or persons into custody. >> gregg: set the scene inside this coffee shop. it is early in the morning. these officers hadn't even reported to work, right? >> yeah. it's 8:15. our understanding they go to work a little later than that, 9:00 and they had a plan to rendezvous at the coffee shop. we understand they had their laptops open on a table. they were all in uniform, wearing their bulletproof vests and they had marked patrol cars outside. if somebody wanted to know there was a police officer inside there were no doubts there were officers inside the shop. you had two baristas in addition
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to the four officers. we believe they may all have been sitting down in a table when a gunman came in. he fired a handgun. you have to believe this was maybe all head shots because the officers as i said were wearing the bulletproof vests and scene was described as horrific for the sheriff's department which is taking the lead in the investigation. they are being assisted by washington state patrol in going over the evidence inside the coffee shop. they haven't been able to tell whether they returned fire or not. those are things we're going to be hearing from witnesses as the hours go by. >> gregg: dan, this coffee shop, is it kind of out of the way. do you have to have a car to get there, can you reach it on foot this? >> is a populated area. this is right next to the air force base, not far from pacific lutheran university. this is very populated area. it's in a strip mall and easily
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accessible by people on foot. you can see where that sign is. it's not very far from me. it's a populated area and there are lots of people who could have been in the coffee shop, 8:15 on a sunday morning. i guess you could say it was lucky there weren't more people. police are very careful to tell us the officers were the targets of the shooting. there were not any shots fired at the customers or baristas so they were all fired at those four officers. >> gregg: we'll let you gather more information reporting at the scene of this horrific shooting. >> hunter george, county spokesman. what can you tell us about these four police officers and why it seems they were targeted specifically, nobody else was injured in the coffee shop and
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whoever is responsible for shooting the four police officers who were in even form had some sort of motive, do you know what it was? >> at this time, we do not. we have countless other law enforcement and professionals on the scene. we're checking out and i'm sitting in the emergency operations center. we activated that almost immediately. we have a number of people here taking tips from the public and taking every one of those now. >> julie: is in a coffee shop that the officers frequent? >> we don't know that. a lot of folks are around the scene. the officers are from the lakewood police department. so i don't have any specific information about the officers themselves. that will come to light later. >> julie: how far away is it from the police department? >> the city of lakewood.
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the coffee shop is near mccord africa. >> julie: so perhaps you could wonder if whomever is responsible new the patterns. this is a coffee shop they went to every morning before they were going to work and this coffee shop was targeted because of that. what are witnesses saying about what exactly went down, the suspect and the description? >> we've not publicized anything about what witnesses are saying at this point. they have been with law enforcement officers since the beginning. we don't have anything at this point. >> julie: are you looking for one or more suspects? >> we're not sure. we're checking out as many tips as possible. we know there was one gunman. he ran off on foot. we've had various tips and we're
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checking out those things as possible, if somebody fits the description and we are checking out various tips. >> julie: are there surveillance video cameras at the coffee shop? >> i understand that there was. i'm not sure. the investigators are looking at that. i'm not sure if it's going to show anything. >> julie: do you know if they are looking at surveillance tapes? >> i don't know. >> julie: all right. you have a whole country and world really watching right now. i know you guys want to find this guy. we want to do anything we can help. any kind of description of the suspect would be helpful in your case. do you know at what point you will be releasing that. as soon as you do, we'll get it on the air. we have a lot of viewers in your area and we would love people to keep an eye on this person. and a tip line on the screen, 866-977-2362.
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when can we learn more about this suspect so we can get the word out? >> again as we collect information as we run down these tips. our folks have been quick about responding and putting the word out. if we knew something definitive or learn something about a certain vehicle, we would definitely get that out. that is the reason we activated our emergency operation center so that we can get that information will come in and be verified and be immediately distributed to as much media as possible. we appreciate how much the media wants to help in a circumstance like this. it's a very fluid situation as you can imagine. i was on my way to work this morning had and i got the call, came rushing over to help out. i understand from the folks on the scene that we have lots of
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folks from various law enforcement agencies to try to help. >> julie: we would like to have i back on the show as soon as you get that information. we want to be the first to be as helpful as we can to help. we're going to get the phones on you guys and we'll be calling you to get more information. as soon as you get any word on the suspect, we would love to broadcast it on the air so we can help hunt down this murderer. thank you very much for talking to us. >> thank you. >> gregg: another fox news alert. new developments in the investigation into tiger woods' car accident early friday morning. the golf star commenting for the first time about the incident. he and his wife cancelling a meeting with florida state troopers for a third straight day. he did claim on his website sole
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responsibility for the accident. shortly before 2:30 a.m. in the friday morning. in the meantime, the 911 tape of a neighbor reporting the accident has been released. here it is. >> i have someone down in front of the house. i came out to see. >> sir, is it a car accident? hello? sir? hello? is i a car accident, sir? >> yes, it's a car accident. >> gregg: went on to describe a man laying on the ground. tiger woods. phil keating in florida. any indication why tiger is declining to talk with investigators for a third straight day? >> no. quite surprising development here. no explanation has been provided
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clearly it was through the advice of counsel. woods' attorney. that interview was not going to be taking place and there is no indication that another additional effort is being aimed for here. however, tiger woods is providing a statement to the public about the car accident now for the first time but on his owns terms a controlled statement. as you all know i had a single car accident earlier this week and i sustained some injuries. i have some cuts and bruises and right now i am pretty sore. it's embarrassing to my family and me. i'm human and not perfect. ly certainly make sure it doesn't happen again. this is a private matter and i want to keep it that way. i understand there is cure jos it and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. the only person responsible for the accident is me. my wife elin acted courageously,
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was the first person to help me. any other assertion is absolutely false. the incident has been stressful and difficult for elin and our family. i appreciate the well-wishers but you must understand our family deserves some privacy. clearly the statement does address some of the tabloid reports and internet reports that millions of people that are watching that allege an argument inside the home that then caused tiger to leave and get in the car accident. >> gregg: when we learn from the highway patrol they said charges could be pending, any lawyer will say don't talk to him until he gets a lawyer. the 911 tape, can we hear his wife in the background? >> no, you cannot hear her. you can only hear some subtle voices. keep in mind this is 2:30 in the
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morning. all you can hear speaking with the man who dialed 911 and also hear his wife in the background a couple of times. clearly based on another excerpt of the tape, from the outset it looked quite serious. conscious? >> yes. >> can you tell he f he is breathing iwlgt can't tell right now. >> what color is the car, too? >> it's a black escalade. >> reporter: and reportedly that car has southward damage to the front and right as well as two broken windows that his wife used a golf club break those to help get tiger woods out. >> gregg: phil, thanks very much. >> julie: new reaction from the white house to news iran is once again defying a u.n. demand involving the nuclear program. reports claim iran now plans to build ten new uranium enrichment
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facilities. what can you tell us about the plans to build these new facilities? >> that is right, ten new sites to enrich uranium. that came from the iranian government boldly defiant because of the timing. two days the u.n. nuclear watchdog agency voted to censure iran and stop building a recently revealed facility. even china and russia supported that resolution despite the reluctance to pressure iran. we did expect them to respond to that resolution but not this dramatically. it was held by mahmoud ahmadinejad to begin work on the facility within two months. >> julie: what has been the reaction? >> obviously, bold declaration will increase tensions between iran. they said friday's ieae vote
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that the time is running out for iran to address the international community to address concerns about the nuclear program. lawmakers from both parties condemn iran. here is from sheila jackson lee. >> we know that iran is in the international family and that there is not one single ally and not ally that doesn't want iran to stand down from nuclear proliferation. >> harshly critical stance from one. >> i truly believe if this president, policies of appeasement and indecision continue it will mean the gravist of consequences for american national security and peace in the world. iran is just one aspect of that. >> reporter: iran has maintained
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that the nuclear program is done for producing power and not weapons. >> gregg: it could be his biggest military test to date. president obama is preparing to address the nation on tuesday night to announce war plans on afghanistan. what is at stake for american troops. we'll be talking to a former army general coming up. so many arthritis pain relievers -- i just want fewer pills and relief that lasts all day. take 2 extra strength tylenol every 4 to 6 hours?!? taking 8 pills a day... and if i take it for 10 days -- that's 80 pills. just 2 aleve can last all day. perfect. choose aleve and you can be taking four times... fewer pills than extra strength tylenol. just 2 aleve have the strength to relieve arthritis pain all day.
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>> julie: now for the battle of health care reform. senate begins debate tomorrow. democrats united to push the measure through, but now the party is slit over issues like
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abortion coverage and a government option. joining us is former communication director of the senate committee. gentlemen, thank you, tony, the senate and house needs to resolve pretty substantial differences in the two bills in order for it to get to the president's desk like he had requested. who holds the bargaining power here? >> i think harry reid is in a lot of trouble. again we're going to have an artificial deadline passed. i think they wanted to get it by year's end that is highly likely not going to happen. harry reid has a caucus, maybe not as fractured as nancy pelosi has but you have people like joe lieberman that is going to be stubborn about the public option.
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you of senator lincoln and nelson from nebraska, all these people being very keen about the public option not being able to be deficit neutral which is what the goal supposedly was of the health care bill in the beginning. harry reid has a lot to pull. big issues overseas, afghanistan iran, he needs to keep the senate focused on health care. reality the world is moving in a different direction. i think at the end of the day you are seeing very clearly the big problem which is this public option. it's virtually a non-starter. conrad said this back in august and we're still talking about it. >> julie: i mean washington has a huge balancing act. to get this done by year's end almost seems impossible. public option remains a sticking point. moderate democrats remain in the senate that voted to allow this to reach the debate stage only said they were allowing to it the debate stage but they would
4:24 pm
never vote yes on this bill as it stands. so those mod rationality pretty much can make or break this thing, can't they? >> that is how the senate works. every senator's vote counts the same. what you have is a strong center that is trying to influence this bill. as far as tony's claim of missing an artificial deadline, let's talk about deadline for a second here. the republican congress and republican white house had eight years to do something on health care and they did nothing. it started 16 years ago. there are some families that didn't have a child when this debate started are planning graduation ceremonies in may. democrats took over in january and we gotten to the point in less than a year where the bill is about to pass the united states senate. as far as what the moderates would like to see, they approved a vote and let the bill come to the floor and they are going to try to make concessions and make the bill better. >> julie: i want to talk about the public option because some
4:25 pm
people believe allowing private insurers to sell across state lines could benefit consumers. but critics say it would reduce the quality of health care and those critics are the same critics that tried to push push through the public option. i'm a little confused? >> absolutely. first i want to bring up this point. i'm glad to see the democrats are still with the whole line of george bush messed everything up. i think we need to move beyond that. medicare "d" and howard dean said it was the best reforms for health care. let's move back to the whole competition. >> he did nothing, to be clear. >> howard dean, medicare "d", liberal democrat giving george bush a compliment, something we've not heard for a long time. choice and competition, the theme of the democrats, we have
4:26 pm
choice in america. we have 1400 companies that provide health insurance. you need to enable competition. >> julie: what kind of choices are there. if the senate plan pretty much will implement a fine for anyone who does not opt with this health care insurance. if you do not have heath care insurance according to the house bill, penalty would be 2.5% of adjusted gross income. it would be $750 to be faced in -- phased in several years. if you are a veteran, in if you don't have health insurance and you are going to be fined by the government, a penalty because you can't afford heath care? >> julie, take it easy. that was a lot to put on the table there. >> julie: i'm naming the facts and we don't have an hour. >> you did a good job, julie. >> looks, the choice is between
4:27 pm
doing nothing which is certainly going to increase our health care costs. we have seen costs go up 10-12% a year. we are doing something that may be can control costs. i got a letter in the mail not two weeks from my insurance company, we're not paying for a procedure that you did 14 months ago. they are telling me that was preexisting condition and i owe my doctor $7,000. how are americans going to operate under that system? that is question. tony wants to keep doing that, senator kyl said let's throw it over. >> that is the problem. you think the public option is the only solution. >> i'm not talking about that. >> we agree with reform and especially reform of the insurance companies, but don't make it about the government taking over a fifth of the national economy. you support the public option is going to do. >> i didn't say anything about public option. it's under debate of the senate
4:28 pm
and we're on the first stages of the bill. it will be different in a week. >> we'll see it f it survives. >> julie: all right david and tony, thanks. >> gregg: a town in washington is reeling after what they are calling a targeted ambush, four officers gunned down while they were sitting in a coffee shop before work this morning. killer is still on the loose and armed and dangerous. we'll have the latest coming up. to other people, then don't bother watching this commercial. i've taken precautions all my life to protect my identity. i've been in law enforcement all my life... and my identity was stolen.
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>> julie: this is a fox news alert. police in washington state on a manhunt right now for the suspect involved in this morning's shooting death of four police officers, three men and a woman all shot in a coffee shop. a gunman burst into a coffee shop killed four officers who were apparently preparing for their day's work. it was carried out in front of
4:32 pm
horrified coffee shop workers and customers. suspect is now on the run. we have dan springer live with the very latest. what is the latest and what do we know about the officers? >> we know that was between 10-15% of the entire lakewood police department that was gunned down in the shop this morning. that is a devastating day. you can imagine the number of police officers responded to this. i'm told there are 200, many of them off duty many them just helping out. we asked information of the public information officer whether there was any information that these officers, specific officers were targeted in the shooting. he doesn't believe so. he thinks this was the targeting of police officers in general. i asked the question of whether this was a coffee shop that was frequented often by police
4:33 pm
officers, he said that it was. it's not unusual for the morning hours to have officers there. it's an area that is between three jurisdictions, so whenever officers get together to talk about cases or go out before their shift they might have a cup of coffee there. they were all patrol officers and they were on laptop computers maybe going over suspects they were going to be looking for that day. the word now is this was a targeted killing of police officers but many not these specific four officers as you mentioned. three men, one woman, one was a patrol sergeant and just a devastating day for the lakewood police department to see four of their own gunned down in a merit of seconds. >> julie: dan, live in washington, we'll come back to you with more updates. >> gregg: the nation will be watching tuesday night when president obama lays out his
4:34 pm
much awaited strategy for the war in afghanistan. a live address from west point. he is expected to call for a deployment of more troops, this amid new finger pointing over the long drawn out conflict and the failure to capture bin laden. joining us now, general spider mark. general good to see you. we are expecting the president to say, 30,000 to 35,000 on top of the 68,000 that we have there. is that going to be enough to degrade the enemy and what more would you like to hear from the president about strategy? >> to the first part of your question, general mcchrystal asked for 40,000 additional troops. it sounds like he'll get in the neighborhood of that number. clearly at the operational and tactical level he knows where he
4:35 pm
needs to deploy the troops. i would say the president's decision if it is that number is close. its distinction probably without a difference but it's going to help and help in a big way. to the second pointed, clearly the regional strategy is what really has to drive this. this is more than just an afghan problem. this is an afghanistan, pakistan other regional actors as well as our coalition partners. this is a not an overnight solution in order to bring stability to that region. >> gregg: speaking of pakistan, there is a report just out that conducted an investigation. they concluded that osama bin laden was within the grasp of u.s. forces back in late 2001 and could have been caught if defense secretary donald rumsfeld had not rejected calls for reinforcements. let me quote.
4:36 pm
the vast array of american military power was kept on the sidelines. requests were turned down for u.s. troops to block the mountain pass. bin laden walked out of tora bora and disappeared into pakistan's unregulated tribal area where he still operates to this day. what is your reaction to that? >> i really find it hard to believe that former secretary of defense would make a conscious decision based on a recommendation of military commanders to not back them up in this particular instance i was senior military on the ground as we were liberating iraq. similar decisions were made in terms of troop strength but at a very precise targeting engagement to go after bin laden i find it hard to believe we wouldn't have employed the
4:37 pm
additional resources required. >> gregg: gordon brown says pakistanis know where she or some know where he is but yet they have either refused or failed to disclose that information and go after him. in your judgment, do we have by hook or crook or in some way to get the pakistanis to make more of an effort to go after al-qaeda in those regions? >> i hope it's not by crook, the answer is yes. we have to work every engagement with the pakistanis to ensure they are doing everything they can to go after bin laden and go after the pockets of resist there. best intelligence is going to be derived from a network of very precise and very familiar sources and agents that or the ground. pakistanis must step up. they have but they need to continue to maintain the
4:38 pm
pressure. >> gregg: general james spider mark, thank you for being with us today. we'll bring you special coverage of the president's speech on the new afghanistan strategy tuesday 8:00 p.m. eastern. >> julie: a post-presidential election held under tight security in honduras. they are guarding polling stations across the country as voters took part in the first elections. the president zelaya and de facto president and there is still issues in the campaign. hi there steve. is there any. >> very unusual election here. julie there has been no unrest but there were possibilities of unrest, widespread predictions of violence in the streets but they have put 30,000 soldiers on
4:39 pm
the street across the country. there is about two more hours of voting to go and it looks like it will be a peaceful process. that is good news for them that wants the crisis to end. you have two men running for office and a third men who still thinks she pretty, manuel zelaya, she afraid if he comes out, he could be arrested. >> julie: maybe you can explain why these elections matter to us? >> it's important for the u.s. for a couple of reasons. on the one hand there is concern that these elections could legitimize a coup d'etat in the backyard. this has to end. the economy has come back to normal and suffering of the people has to end. bigger picture may be after the lktsz take place. whoever wins the election.
4:40 pm
brazil and argentina say that the elections are a sham. there could be sour relations between brazil and the u.s.. >> julie: all right, steve, thank you very much. >> gregg: there is a new plan on the table to stem the tide of foreclosures across america. make the mortgage companies a little red in the face. will it work? we'll tell you about it next.
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to be a good father is the most important job in a man's life,
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but it doesn't have to be hard. play catch, go to a park, or visit a zoo. help your child with their homework. sit down together for dinner. ask them how their day was. things get busy, and sometimes we all fall short, but the smallest moments can have the biggest impact on a child's life. take time to be a dad today. the victims of friday's train bombing a bomb derailed as a train was going from moscow to st. petersburg. they are calling it the work of terrorists. 25 people were killed and another two dozen are missing and many more remain hospitalized. >> gregg: the white house trying
4:44 pm
to turn the screws on mortgage companies hoping to keep more people in their homes. obama administration expected to announce a new plan, to publicly name the lenders that aren't doing enough to lower house payments. it's the shame game. will it work? what about that $735 billion program already in place? let's talk to ed, managing partner of capital investment management. ko good see you. it works if people care. if mortgage companies and banks seem to be acting with impunity. will this work? >> it's drawn attention to it. there is no question about it. it's going to work because there will be more attention to it. any ceo of a bank or mortgage company, our name is out there. let's see if what we can do to make it work better. first thing, is there a real problem in housing.
4:45 pm
my answer with any question the problem is much worse than people think it is. we are dealing with mortgages. this is about how big the mortgages in terms like this, we're about to see something like this two to three years that mortgages are going to reset at a higher rate. we need to address this problem. >> gregg: the problem is $75 billion taxpayer finance problem, that is your bucks, my bucks, everybody's dollar, it targets last year's problem. exotic mortgages. it doesn't target this year's problems, joblessness. they don't have jobs. don't we need to pay the $75 billion to tackle the underlying problem? >> i completely agree with you. i think it needs to be tweaked. but how are we helping to recover from this mess we are
4:46 pm
in. i don't believe we are in the right path to recovering. we have to get to the source of the problem. we're dealing with the symptoms here. we need to get people to work. we need to keep people in their homes by getting them jobs and this is not set up to do that. >> gregg: the other thing is to tackle where these mortgage companies make a load of dough, the lucrative fees of long term delinquencies. that is counter incentive. it undermines to make payments to make the mortgages more affordable to people, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. mortgage companies make a lot of money if you do late on your payments, they make a lot of money that way. they do have an incentive to not extend your mortgage and reduce your principal. there is the greed factor. you are absolutely right. >> gregg: they have to device a way to solve that problem but financially it's good business
4:47 pm
to foreclose on people. the other thing that aggravates americans is they see the tremendous disparity, wall street institutions getting taxpayer bailouts while ordinary americans are trying to find jobs and make mortgage payments. what can be done about that? >> the question is really why are we helping the big banks and wall street firms. everything is tied together. we had to help in a lot of cases those institutions from failing. now, we need to start focusing our attention on getting jobs as you said, getting money directly to the places where it needs to be and not setting up big elaborate programs and people getting lost in the paperwork and all that. we need to get the money in the right hands to make the economy work. we're not set up to do that. >> gregg: devise penalties for
4:48 pm
banks or mortgage companies that don't help the people. >> julie: holiday season rolls on, black friday has come and gone. cyber monday is almost upon us. where to find the best deals on the biggest day for internet shopping. we're going the tell you next.
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here is the latest on stories making headlines. iran remains defiant. they plan to build ten new uranium enrichment facilities and start work on them within two months. it comes days after censure over
4:52 pm
their nuclear program. >> they want to pursue criminal charges against the couple that crashed the state dinner. they both said such behavior should be strongly discouraged. >> a manhunt in washington state. investigators say a gunman shot and killed four police officers in a coffee shop near tacoma. they call it an ambush and believes the officers were targeted. >> julie: from black friday to cyber monday, if you missed the post-thanksgiving shopping rush, hit the internet tomorrow from the comforts of your own home for the best holiday deals still out there. president of price grabber, laura conrad joins us live with some of the favorite cyber deals. go on the internet and find out more. thank you so much for coming on. everybody is going out there
4:53 pm
tomorrow morning and sit on their couches and spend. they are looking for the best deals. what are most popular items out there? >> we have seen an interesting trend this year. some of the interesting trends we've seen might surprise you, kind of different from last year. last year we were seeing a lot of the trends were going towards the necessities, the clothing and shoes and some of the things that were more of the lower level necessities. this year so far we're seeing trechbdz that you might be surprised about. for instance, the tire category is something that we've seen huge increase. 118% increase in tires. it looks like people are extending the life of their cars. >> julie: people are going on line and buy car tires? are they getting good deals?
4:54 pm
>> online you can get a lot better deal can you can expect for tires for your cars. auto parts channel is something that people have been really interested in, like floor mats and head lamps. >> julie: what about electronics that was the one that every electronic store had a huge sale and everybody was going out on friday to buy on black friday. are we going to see bigger deals on laptops, notebooks, cell phones, iphone is very popular and i gather it will be discounted? >> i think the discounts are going to continue, but the discounts that you see over the weekend i think are going to pretty much about as low as we're going to see things go. great thing about price you can compare millions of products from thousands of retailers. we have a great feature a price
4:55 pm
alert. it allows you to tell what price you want to pay and when it hits that we'll send you an e-mail. so you don't have to keep checking back or going standing in lines in stores. >> i hate that. you think of these small appliances that fit nicely in a box, something like freezers and washers and dryers that are very expensive? >> this is shocking thing we see this year. it goes back to the necessity thing. where the lower level necessities last year, we see people are buying appliances in droves. freezers are up 170% this year. >> julie: maybe they want to freeze more food? >> we think people are staying in and eating more. appliances across the board are up. even some of the smaller appliances like microwaves and
4:56 pm
coffee makers. that is a surprising thing we're seeing trend wide. >> julie: i love that website. you know you are going to get the best deal because it shows every single merchant that sells the merchandise that you are looking for. >> gregg: we've been telling you about that massive manhunt underway in washington state. a ruthless killer. a suspect gunned down four police officers this morning at a coffee shop in broad daylight. we're going to head back out there for a live update when we come back.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett, welcome to a brand new hour, inside america's news headquarters. >> julie: i'm julie bandaras, topping the news, four police officers shot dead in a coffee shop outside tacoma, washington, a massive manhunt underway
5:00 pm
another shooter and it was an ambush target situation. >> gregg: there are reports iran is now vowing to build ten new nuclear power plants the white house says if that is true it is yet another serious violation of united nations security council resolutions. >> and 911 tapes emerge from tiger woods' late night car crash and you can call it early, early morning as the golfing superstar releases a statement and cancels an interview with police for a third time. >> gregg: a "fox news alert," police hunting a cop killer in washington state, bursting into a coffee shop and gunning down four police officers and three men and a would. happening in lakewood, a suburb of tacoma and they say the shooter's motive is unclear but he specifically targeted the officers and what
5:01 pm
is the latest? >> reporter: gregg, they know the officers were targeted because they were officers and because they had two other employees, two employees inside that coffee shop and two baristas and customers that were not shot out and there was no dou doubt, they were targeted because they are officers and i'm a couple blocks away and it is a fluid situation there. are hundreds of officers who have come down here, to lend their expertise, and their help to the investigation. i was stand next to one, all on the same tactical frequency and you can hear there was a call for backup to an area 133rd a couple of blocks away, a report of a suspicious man with a gun and officers took off and there is a search of a self-storage locker nearby and they have gone through each and every one of the storage units and following up on tips and leads, some solid
5:02 pm
and some hoaxes but they'll follow-up on every one, right now, there is a sense of urgency here and they believe the best opportunity to catch the cop-killer is within the next few hours and they have a partial description of the suspect, they believe they have one shooter and not saying if a second person is involved but there may be a second person and the one person, the shooter is described as a black male, between 25 and 35 years old. 5'7", to 5'11", medium build, skrifshgs blew jea blue jeans and black coat and left on foot, with a handgun and they are not saying if there is a suspect vehicle but are checking out a couple of location of possible vehicles that may have been involved but so far, nothing solid and you can hear the helicopter up above and there is a very active scene here in the surrounding area looking nor the guy who killed four cops. >> gregg: what can you tell us
5:03 pm
about the four officers who were killed. >> reporter: they were in the the coffee shop, gathering before their shift, they were patrol officers on laptop computers and doing paperwork and possibly going over the plan for the day and three were men, one was a woman. one was a sergeant. this is a devastating day. i can't put into terms of how devastating, imagine that you are a lakewood police officer and you just have seen four colleagues gunned down in a matter of seconds. over 10% of the police force. we know they were not all investigating one specific crime, so, it wasn't like they were part of a coordinated task force and that is a reason why police believe it was a targeting of police officers in general and not these four individuals, because they were not working a specific case together. we asked about the coffee shop, is it a place for cops routinely
5:04 pm
to gather and it is. it is right near three jurisdictions, and is a place where officers will congregate and talk about cases of working or just go and have a cup of coffee and happened 8:15 this morning and were set to go on patrol 9:00. gregg. >> gregg: live chopper shot, courtesy of komo. dan, there was a killing of a police officer in seattle, last month. is this the continuation of a pretty frightening trend? is there any connection, possibly? >> reporter: we asked the public information officer if they believe that there was any sort of a connection and seattle is about 25 miles away, but in that case, the suspect is believed to be... he's in custody and they believe his motivation was, hayes hatred for police officers and he was pulled over a couple of times and oddly enough the suspect in that case also was attempting to be a police
5:05 pm
officer and work in the criminal justice system at some -- some level. and that happened on halloween night, two officers in a patrol car and a suspect just scape up next to the patrol car and opened fire, killing one of the officers inside. they did catch that suspect, on the very day that that victim, police officer, was laid to rest. whether or not there was any sort of a connection just has to play out in the coming days, but there is a sense, maybe these things are trends, cop-killing, and you see one and it could be a copycat and who knows? at this point, they are pulling out -- >> gregg: we're looking again through the helicopter shot of komo and it appears as though several law enforcement officials have handcuffed somebody up against a vehicle. now, i don't want to jump to any erroneous conclusions. it may be that somebody behaved
5:06 pm
badly, was resistant to questioning, did something. it may not be this murderer. but, we do happen to notice komo has their helicopter camera trained on that particular location. i would suspect there would be a lot more law enforcement there if this was indeed the killer, so it may be something that is simply ancillary to the manhunt that is going on, right now. so i wanted to explain that to our viewers. unless they -- lest they jump to a conclusion and obviously, we would like the individual to be caught, but, again, we just don't know. we don't have any information. we are look at a close-up shot right now, and, dan, i know you are out of position and probably are not seeing this as well. i don't want to catch you off guard. but i have to explain it to our viewers. any additional information about how armed and dangerous this guy may be? how many weapons he might have. whether he might have been able to get away in a vehicle,
5:07 pm
whether he had an accomplice? >> reporter: our understanding is that he had a handgun and there was only one gun seen by the witnesses and he fired the gun at those four officers, and as far as a getaway vehicle he was seen leaving on foot, south from that coffee shop, wore not being told. obviously if they had a good description of a vehicle they'd put it out by now and haven't done so and they probably have a partial description of a vehicle but they are not sure and there was talk of a second suspect, a white male but that is not developed any further and as far that's shot from komo, the helicopter, as i said at the top, there is a very fluid situation here, and there was a report on the police frequency not more than 15, 20 minutes ago of a man acting suspiciously, who was armed several blocks away and here at 112th and this
5:08 pm
was 133rd, my guess is that that is what you are seeing from the helicopter shot and they will be checking out anybody who matches a description of the suspect, black male between 25 and 35, 5'7", to 5'11", medium build, scruffy face and again they'll check out anybody who matches that description. >> gregg: all right, dan springer. thanks very much for the latest information. live on the scene in lakewood. >> reporter: okay. >> julie: joining us on the phone is a spokesman, hunter george, thank you very much for coming back on, since we last spoke we have been able to get a description of the suspect. and, as dan springer described, he's a black male between 25 and 35 and between the height of 5'7" through 5'11" and any more you can tell us in particular, one gentleman who happens to be handcuffed now, he's actually being seated at a curb there, by
5:09 pm
a car. that we're actually watching now, via these helicopter shots from komo. can you tell us about any arrests that have taken place and whether or not they are related? >> caller: i don't have any information, we were anticipating an update around the 2:00 hour and it is now 10 after 2:00 and obviously we are on stand-by for that any moment. i certainly -- we will not jump to any conclusion, in the emergency operations center. there is a very significant manhunt going on right now. around the county there, and this person may or may not have something to do with the situation. it certainly could be the wrong place at the wrong time doing something bad and as i said, you've got a whole bunch of officers canvassing the area. so we cannot jump to any conclusions yet. >> julie: dan mentioned perhaps this is somebody who was behaving suspiciously and we have to make it clear, the person you see who was recently handcuffed on our screen, these
5:10 pm
are live pictures courtesy of komo, they have a chopper up there waving investigators and police officers literally scouring through lakewood and all the surrounding neighborhoods to try to find the man who is suspected of murdering, killing four police officers in uniform, three men and a woman this morning at a coffee shop in lakewood, washington. maybe you can tell us, hunter, more about the description of the suspect, aside from a black male, 25-35, and do we know what the person was wearing, the person sitting on a curb in a parking lot and highs accompanied by a woman and again we are not saying it is this murder suspect. we are saying police seem to be questioning the man for so, because he's wearing handcuffs and he's wearing denim jeans and a white t-shirt. any idea what the suspect was wearing this morning. >> caller: the word i have is he was waiving a black coat and blue jeans. and that is the only description that i have heard.
5:11 pm
we have investigators talking to witnesses. and i believe they have been checking out the surveillance video as well and -- >> a black coat, i want you to repeat. >> caller: yes, it was a -- word we have is it was a black coat. >> julie: all right. when you get more information and when we get more information on the gentleman we saw there in handcuffs, we will of course bring it to you and hunter, hopefully will be -- we'll be talking to you as well that's story continues to develop, hunter george the pierce county spokesperson joining us again on the phone. >> gregg: the situation appears to be a bit too relaxed -- >> if that were indeed the murder suspect you would see many, many more cops cars. >> gregg: and he's cuffed and nearby other police officers were walking away with dogs and didn't seem to be ending their search. all right, we'll continue to follow what is happening there
5:12 pm
and we'll update you as we get additional information. in the meantime, tiger woods, breaks his silence about the early morning car accident that left him bloody and bruised and sparked a flurry of expectation calculation about what really caused the incident, the golf star saying on his web site that he is at fault and he alone and that his wife, elin acted courageously, that is his word, when she came to his rescue, florida police release understand the 911 call made the morning of the crash and in the meantime, the couple is -- turned down their third interview with police. it seems they now have an attorney and phil keating has more from windemere, florida. have investigators been able to reschedule the interview now with tiger woods and his wife? >> reporter: not that we have been informed but by all appearances it appears all attempts to interview typinger woods, regarding his one-car accident are not going to happen. that is because the two investigators with the florida
5:13 pm
highway patrol entered the gated community behind me and went to tiger woods' home, this afternoon, and tiger woods' attorney welcomed them at the door and presented them, tiger woods' driver's listens, registration, and his proof of insurance as is required by florida law. and that's about it. he's not required by law to provide an interview. however, the florida highway patrol says typically in car accidents, the people that are involved in these accidents voluntarily provide an interview and statement to help clear up the investigation. so it does appear that tiger woods via advice from counsel will not provide the one-on-one interview, however he's releasing a public statement on his web site. a very controlled way for him to put out information and i'll quote it to you: as you all know, i had a single-car accident earlier this week and sustained some
5:14 pm
injuries. i have cuts, bruising and now i'm pretty sore the situation is my fault, and is obviously embarrassing to my family and me. i'm human and i'm not perfect. i will certainly make sure that this doesn't happen again. other parts of the release do certainly refer to malicious reports that are out there, by the internet and tabloids, that are circulating the past three days and those have been widely disseminated around the world alleging that woods is involved in an affair and there was some tabloid news that broke, days before the car wreck, alleging that tiger woods has been having an affair and the woman, the ash legend mistress denies it and tiger wood is not addressing it, and says his wife acted nothing but courageously and helped him after the car wreck. >> gregg: most people don't realize they don't have a legal obligation to speak to authorities in an accident like that and they don't know and go ahead and voluntarily consent to the interview. how serious did the 911 call
5:15 pm
make the accident seem, phil? >> reporter: pretty serious. it happened 2:30 in the morning after thanksgiving and it was loud, he hit a fire hydrant in his own property, and then, tiger woods careened into a tree and both the front and the left of the suv are extensively damaged and the -- caused a bit of a commotion in the neighborhood and woke up a couple of his neighbors, husband and wife and they went outside and dialed 911 and here's a little bit of the interchange between the male caller and the dis spasmer. -- dispatcher. >> i have someone down in front of my house, they hit a hoe. >> unconscious. >> yes. >> is he breathing. >> no, i can't tell right now. >> we do have help on the way, what color is his car. >> it's a black escalade. >> reporter: and where it goes from here, it afierce the florida highway patrol will wrap
5:16 pm
up the investigation without tiger woods' involvement, if that changes, his attorney will let us know and we'll let you know. gregg. >> gregg: phil keating live there, in wind mere, thanks, phil. >> julie: after months of deliberation the president is set to reveal a strategy for the war in afghanistan. tu night, at west point, fox news will have complete live coverage for you of that. our next guest says how the president lays out his plan to have a profound -- could have as profound effect on the war as the strategy itself and if it comes across as in decisive or week he may embolden our enemies in afghanistan and elsewhere, our fox news contributor and columnist michael goodwin joins us now explain, a lot of weight on the president's shoulder, and there are lot of people in high school own party completely against sending more troops to afghanistan the same way they were opposed to sending more
5:17 pm
troops to iraq and that was something at first the president was against as well. and then switched his tune and admitted the surge was working, here we are, afghanistan. president obama, president for about a year. he needs to not only justify sending more troops, but he needs to define to the american public who we're fighting and what our goals are there. where do we begin. >> good afternoon, julie. i think, what i tried to do with the column today is lay out sort of a between-the-lines guide as to what the president will say, we expect an assume he'll send somewhere north of 30, 34, 35,000 troops, over some period of time and that will mean since he took office he's effectively doubled the american presence in afghanistan from under 50,000 to over 100,000. but really, beyond the number of troops, there is this issue of how does he define the objective, how does he define
5:18 pm
the enemy and how much does he talk about getting out and i think each one of those will go really more -- will be more telling than actual number of troops that he sends. >> julie: how damaging can it be if the president goes in and discusses the troop surge, talks about how many additional troops he wants to send, but in the same breath, he puts emphasis on an exit strategy. >> i think that will be what the enemy will hear, and also, will be what our own troops will hear and will be what our allies hear. for example, if he says i'm sending 30,000 more troops and we're only staying for a year, let's pretend for a second he were to state that way, hypothetical, that would be a signal to afghan troops an afghan government, look the americans are getting out and we cannot be too close to them because we'll be vulnerable when they leave and would encourage the enemy to fight us, because we're packing our bags and
5:19 pm
they'd want to inflict more casualties, putting a bull's-eye on our troops and over there, you would say, why should i risk my life for a mission with such a tight timetable and that is an extreme example but if the president stresses getting out, then i think he under cuts the mission and our allies and encourages the enemy and this this is wrong way to approach and it has to be focused on our objective and what are we willing to do to achieve that objective. that seems to me, this is how fight a war. >> julie: what about money, will we talk about funding? that is what america wants to know, how we'll pay for health care reform and the job creation bill, those are billions of dollars combined, on top of the trillions of dollars in our deficit. will funding the mission in afghanistan come up and should it come up? >> there has to be some talk of it, just as there has to be talk of an exit strategy. the question is how much do you emphasize it? if you try and fight it on the cheap, you cannot possibly succeed and if you set a --
5:20 pm
inflexible timetable you cannot possibly succeed and each of these things have to be there, all a matter of proportion and a matter of whether you focus on the goal or make the goal clear, so that everybody knows what it is and whether you are firm about it and if you suggest again you are in there for the short-term and will do it on the cheap that will only encourage the wrong people. >> julie: thank you very much for coming on. >> gregg: tiger woods says on his westbound he's at fault for friday's car accident and why isn't he talking to police, coming up we'll talk to our legal panel about possible charges, coming right back. ÷÷
5:21 pm
5:22 pm
5:23 pm
>> julie: tiger woods is louder up and not talking to
5:24 pm
investigators, for the third time he and his wife turned down question buying florida police. >> gregg: and new question are raised by what sparked the golf star's bizarre incident after all, it was 2:35 in the morning. and, possible special treatment here and whether he'll be facing charges. the legal panel joins us life, stacy snyder and mercedes colwin. mercedes, the first news release, on i guess it was friday, indicated that from the highway patrol, that charges could be pending. you gotta get a lawyer. >> absolutely right. the first thing you think of, especially tiger woods, he knows and i'm sure has lawyers on retainer and called his lawyer and said it looks like they might be investigating me and look at the statutes and florida law there is no way he would have been under -- charges would have been pebbed and it looked like he was a vice lags and a motor vehicle violation, not
5:25 pm
reckless driving. there was no one at risk and there was no one out at 2:30 in the morning and it wasn't a highway or a treat and there were not pedestrians walking around and no other motorist and the statute, motor vehicle, he doesn't have to speak to the police. >> julie: does it look wrong of him not to talk to police, he's a public figure and he agreed to talk to police and had he said that first, type, but he turned them away, and said come back tomorrow afternoon and this doesn't look good. >> he paid a tactical pr error and it is a simple fender-bender and the police are required to take a statement from the driver and all he needed to do was say i backed out of my driveway, it was dark out, my wife came out... >> gregg: i was tired. >> right, he doesn't have to give details in doesn't have to talk about any domestic strife which is speculated about and florida highway patrol will not ask him about his marriages and the case would have been closed
5:26 pm
and it would have gone away and now he opened the door to all kinds of speculation when he didn't need to lawyer up and first, his agent actually got involved and talked to the police and the lawyer came n and why not give a simple statement like any one of us would do, i hit a car, someone backed into me and case is closed and the investigation is complete and police can move on. >> gregg: what is interesting, mercedes, he has a track record of going after anybody and he sues any tabloid or any newspaper, that besmirches his fine image and he has an excellent image and everybody is waiting to see, is he going to sue "the national enquirer" and all the other, talk about dallianses. >> great point, he's silent about that, and that is interesting and they are talking about, that he is an adult ter and under defamation he doesn't have to show there are damages, it is defamation per se and he
5:27 pm
can say they published that and i'm not an adulterer and show them and -- >> gregg: the burden is on the "national enquirer" and who published night exactly and as a public figure he has to show malice and, claiming one someone is an adulterer is reckless disregard for the truth. >> julie: they said, possible charges may be brought against him and if you are about to be charge ford something and you are tiger woods and have lawyers on retainer like you said, of course you will get the lawyer and the question is what possible charges are we talking about? if it is a minor car accident, not major charges, the types of charges don't need a lawyer. we don't have lawyers when we get in fender-benders. >> you are right. and it was the initial statement the police say, there may be charges and there is probable cause of any alcohol use, no liquor bottles. >> julie: and it wasn't like he -- >> the only thing he's guilty of is dwa, driving while angry and
5:28 pm
there is nothing going -- >> 95% of new yorkers! >> gregg: right. so you both, i sense are saying, this thing is going to go away and, if on tuesday, he shows up at the golf tournament, i think he's the big sponsor of the golf tournament and said, it is my fault and there is no "there" there. >> if he would have done that like stacy said at the official steps out never would have happened. >> julie: sure it is embarrassing but once a hit a tree in a front yard and it was broad daylight. accidents happen. >> gregg: wow. >> julie: it wasn't like he was britney spears with a babysitting on his lap. he had an accident and everybody has accidents, a little super sensitive. >> gregg: statute of limitation may not have run on you! >> there you go! the may be watching you, julie. >> odd thing in a statement, this is a private family matter, what is so private about having
5:29 pm
a fender bender gregg: it is embarrassing. >> but, doesn't it really -- isn't it -- they are claiming, the rear windows were broken and, to pull him out, and you see the pictures, it is a little odd. that story is odd. >> the pictures, that doesn't do the job. >> is there is more to come and there will be a blockbuster in the case, because the alleged mistress in the case has lawyered up herself and word is, it is gloria all rich, you can schecht -- >> gloria... >> big red flag. >> thanks, you guys. good to see you. iran's reported plans for building ten more nuclear facilities, flying in the face of united nations demands, so, where does the international community go from here?
5:30 pm
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ooh, peanuts.
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>> julie: the bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news now, a manhunt is on for a cop killer in washington state,
5:33 pm
a suspect shot four officers to death inside a coffee shop this morning and the motive is unknown. >> gregg: golfer tiger woods, lawyering up after his early morning suv crash on friday. and saying on his web site, the accident was all his fault and that his wife acted courageously. >> julie: russians mourning the victims of a deadly train wreck at religious services and with moments of silence at sporting events and they are blaming it on a terrorist bomb. >> gregg: iran running the you stations in a familiar circle, over the nuclear program, days ago the international body demanded iran to stop work at the nuclear facilities, now, iran's government is planning to build ten more. the news comes on the heels of reports that iran may soon withdraw from the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. know, once again, we are left asking what now? jim walsh is an international security expert, and a research
5:34 pm
associate, at mit. thanks for being with us, jim you know -- >> always good to be with you, gregg. >> gregg: with iran it's always -- sometimes dinned kind of -- who's in charge. is that what is going on here. >> part of it. it is one of those oh, yeah arguments and one party says i'll do this and the other one says, oh, yeah, i'll do ten times that and the other wez, oh, yeah? i'll do 100 times that and if they followed through and built ten enrichment plants which would take 100 years to do, it would be bad and lead to sanction s and consequences and when iran says something i tend to be skeptical about it and this is an announcement they plan to do something -- >> gregg: and it's not coincidental and comes on the heels of the iaea resolution and is the usual bravado and bluster, no, you won't, because
5:35 pm
we'll do this. >> exactly. exactly. i mean, everyone knew, once the international atomic energy agency took the vote and it was a lopsided vote, 25-3, reportedly, against iran, and we knew iran would respond and they said so, before the vote was taken and then they, you know, had to do something and they have reacted in the past. i wouldn't overreact to their overreaction, would be my counsel to keep an even keel. >> gregg: one wonders if it might actually escalate for the international community, what hillary clinton is -- has described as crippling sanctions, if so, would sanctions really alter iran's belligerent behavior? >> gregg, i think sanctions would impose costs but can't get iran to waive a white flag, we have a lot of experience with sanctions. the u.s. had sanctions on iran since 1979 for 30 years, we've had u.n. sanctions for a while and we can tweak them and impose costs but at the end of the day
5:36 pm
iran has to decide it is in its best interest to cooperate in a way so we know any nuclear facility is note going to be used for military purposes. we can create incentives for that but cannot twist their hand and make them do it. they'll have to see that it is in their self-interest to do that. >> gregg: iran's parliament voted to reduce cooperation with the iaea. well, jim since there was only stonewalling and subterfuge heretofore, i mean, that vote doesn't change anything, does it? >> gregg, you are the first one to ask me that question and that is a important question, of all the responses, iran could take that is actually the one i worry about the most. they have been more cooperative, remember they brought iaea in recently, to look at that previously undeclared facility but when they respond to a tit-for-tat and they say, oh, yeah, we have a resolution and will not cooperate, that is the spiral that leads to greater suspicion and an increased chance someone will use military
5:37 pm
force. so, i think that is really a bad choice on iran's part, if they follow through on that. >> gregg: does it strengthen the resolve of the israeli government to more seriously consider military force? >> i don't think there is any doubt if iran cuts back cooperation, with the international atomic energy agency and that raises new concerns about what is happening, and we don't know what is happening, that increases the chance of military action. at some point in the future. i think there is no doubt about that. >> gregg: and that would only delay, somewhat, it would not get rid of the problem. jim walsh, great to see you. thanks so much. >> thank you, gregg. >> julie: hondurans going to the polls to elect a new leaderics months after president zelaya was removed from the office in the coup and neither he nor the de facto leader are running in the election but the dispute between the two men remains a key issue in the campaign, steve harrigan is streaming live from honduras. thanks for joining us, steve.
5:38 pm
what is the latest there? >> reporter: julie, about noen another hour of voting here across honduras and despite prediction of violence the vote has been largely peaceful and a large turnout and a most unusual election in the central american nation, on the one hand two men are running for president and the other hand you have a third man who thinks and many supporters think still is president and that man, manuel zelaya, holed up inside the brazilian embassy and was tossed out by the military five months ago and the ninterim government put 30,000 soldiers on the street but it has gone without a hitch so far but after the election there is likely to be controversy and some nations like the u.s. and costa rica and panama said they will recognize the winner of the election. as the president of honduras. other nations, regional powers, lies, argentina and especially brazil said the election is a sham and will sour the relations of the u.s., with latin america. as far as manuel zeleya, he
5:39 pm
blames the u.s. for his fate and is holed up more than 50 days inside the brazilian enemies and the first move is to figure out a deal to get zelaya out of the embassy. julie, back to you. >> julie: thank you very much. gregg. >> gregg: we're keeping an eye on a deadly police shooting near tacoma, washington, gunmen burst into a coffee shop this morning, opened fire killing four police officers, in broad daylight. we'll have the latest details, coming up. when you have a drug or alcohol problem,
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your whole world stops making sense. you can get help for yourself, or a loved one and make sense of life again. for information, treatment referral... and most importantly... help, tdd: 800-487-4889. brought to you by the u.s. department of health and human services. >> julie: a "fox news alert.".. continuing to follow lakewood, washington, four cops shot this morning in a coffee shop, the pierce county sheriffs office revealing now the fbi has been called into assist in the lakewood shooting that occurred this morning. earlier, today, the officer indicated three men and a woman from the lakewood police department were sitting together in the coffee shop this morning,
5:43 pm
they were on their computers, getting ready to begin their shifts when the gunman came in 8:30 a.m. and fired on the officers and then fled. apparently the suspect didn't target any of the customers, any of the employees, it seems it was more like an execution-style shooting. we'll have much, much more on this, and, also, there is a tip line for anyone with any information and the number is on your screen, 866-977-2362. as soon as we learn more information we'll bring it to you. hunt series. at a time when many companies are downsizing, texas instruments is opening a brand new manufacturing facility to create energy efficient chips, now, the company has been sitting on the property many years and decided now is a good time to move. bringing good news to folks looking for work. chris gutierrez has the report from dallas.
5:44 pm
>> in the north texas... >> reporter: texas instruments will open a new fab brags plant, the building has been vacant since construction stopped in 2006 and they didn't want to open the facility until it saw an increase in demand for analog computer chips it will be be the first 300 millimeter analog chip producing energy efficient chips that power cell phones and other electronics. it also means 250 new jobs, right now, and up to 1,000 when the plant is fully operational. >> we're excited, this is good news for our company and good news for north texas, it will put people to work and infuse dollars back into our local economy. >> reporter: ti announced this third quarter profit of $538 million. most of that growth came from an increase in analog chip sales. that demand coupled with good deals, ti negotiated on manufacturing equipment, made it the best time to move forward. >> what it boils down to is this basics, the supply and demand and economics 101.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: students at the university of texas at dallas have been eagerly await information news, ti helped pay for their on campus lab and in return the students and faculty members do research for ti and he says his students would make perfect candidates for the new jobs. >> in the end our job is to train students and make them potentially good employees and help them find jobs. you know, if they can't find jobs, that is a bit depression depressing. >> reporter: ti looks to fill positions ranging from engineers to administrative work and all the hire soon to have the plant staffed and running by the end of the year. in dallas, chris gutierrez, fox news. >> gregg: this holiday season we want to help those who are looking for a job during these tough economic times. keep it right here on fox, because, each hour we'll tell you about who is hiring and where, you can also log onto for more on our continuing series, fox news on the job hunt. >> julie: this national retail foundation, estimates 96 million americans will shop on-line for cyber monday this year.
5:46 pm
which means it could be like shooting fish in a barrel for on-line scam artists and there are a lot of scammers out there. how to avoid getting ripped off? we have a special tip for you. stay right there.
5:47 pm
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5:49 pm
>> gregg: did you know tomorrow is cyber monday when you can find some of the best on-line holiday shopping deals. >> julie: and if you are lazy this is the day for you, you don't have to get off your couch to do it and it's an opportunity tor scam artist to prey on unsuspecting victims. here to tell us what to look out for is dave marcus, director of research and communication for mcafee labs. thanks for talking to us. i bet you every single person nearly watching now will buy something on the internet
5:50 pm
sometime during the holiday shopping season. mcafee warns consumers about the 12 scams of christmas and we don't have time to go through every one but we picked the ones most alarming and scam one, charity phishing scams and be careful who you give to. that is bad in the spirit of christmas. >> people don't realize the bad guys love seasonal trends and know people are more apt to give to charities at christmas time and go to a lot of trouble to set up the sites and you want to be careful and check out the site you will give money at and we're not saying don't give money, we say do your due diligence and make sure it is a real charity and you will not get scammed. >> gregg: number 2, fake invoices from delivery services 1234 to steal your money? tell us about that. >> sure. what that looks like. >> chris: in your inbox you have an e-mail that says, we tried to deliver a package to your house and failed to do so. please click the link to confirm your information or provide a credit card and almost every single time those will turn out
5:51 pm
to be fake and again, the bad guys know that during the holidays, people are expecting packages to get delivered to their house and it is a real effective way to get someone to click a link and expose confidential information tor credit card information. >> julie: everybody is on social networking. facebook and everybody wants to be your friend. but, that is not always a good thing. >> definitely not and again, it is not that you don't want to friend people on facebook but you want to be suspicious of those e-mail invites in your inbox and so, you really want to log into facebook itself and see if the friend request is really there, because oftentimes the e-mail can be fake, classical scam, asking you to click a link and the link takes to you a fake facebook page and you gave away your user name and credit dengsz and exposed a l-- credentials a exposed a lot of money. >> gregg: i got an holiday e-card from julie's mom, she's sweet and that i know is truly from her but there are dangers of holiday e-cards, aren't
5:52 pm
there? >> yes, certainly, you bring up a real good point, you knew that person sent it to you. and, again that is why the cyber criminals use that lure because they know people are expecting to get holiday cards in their inbox. it's good to be skeptical, don't be paranoid, be skeptical of what winds up in your inbox and be careful of the links you click, open up the browser individually, type in the address manually and don't click the link without thinking. >> julie: we talked about the most popular gift ideas and one of the most popular seems to be one i'd love to receive, and it will not happen, diamond stud earrings and luxury holiday jewelry, something gregg wants to buy for his wife, should he do it on-line, though? >> you know, it is okay to do it on-line but you have to be aware of the trend, the bad guys know people are going to be shopping on-line, and they know they are looking for bargains and they go as their -- out of their way to set up fake web sites and search engines results and try and scam you out of your money and again you want to go to reputable web
5:53 pm
sites that sell cartier and tiffany and realize there are fake out there and open up the browser and go to a reputable westbound and several, and use good security software to protect you the rest of the way. >> gregg: so many people are out of work right now during the recession and you have identified out of work job related e-mail scams like what? >> yeah, it is true. a lot of the times the bad guys set up a site, that has earn more money for the holiday season. and the economy is down, but we offer great internet based jobs to make money. you really have to be careful with sites like that. again, it is not to say don't use the internet to make money or look for a job. just be aware of the trend of the bad guys setting up fake web site and do your due diligence, be educated and use good security software and be good to go. >> julie: and protect passwords there, are light of scammers, and cyber thieves know how to crack the system. >> absolutely. you know, truthfully, password
5:54 pm
stealing programs which are referring to -- one of the biggest threats we battle on a daily basis and having not just installed security software but, configured correctly and making sure it updates daily is one of the most important things people should do today. >> gregg: i got one of these, the next one, an e-mail banking scam, i got one of these, and we did an entire signify money on this, about two weeks ago, because it was rampant with misspellings and improper sues agent of words, i knew it couldn't be my bank, you know, telling me to click onto the link because we'll have to suspend your credit card. a bunch of those going on out there, right? all the time, that is the type of scam we see a lot during the rest of the year and huge spike around the holidays. and it is unusual that there are actually spelling errors in the e-mail because usually they are picture-perfect and the logos are correct and the english is gramatica correct even in different languages, it is
5:55 pm
gramatica correct and again -- grammatically correct and if it seems too good to be true, it probably is and skepticism helps protect your passwords and confidential information. >> julie: dave marcus, thank you very much, great tips! you better buy me something on-line! don't leaker password and don't buy me jewelry. >> gregg: chocolate. godiva. coming up top of the hour a fair and balanced debate with senators evan byah and jon kyl on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace. stay tuned for that. we'll be right backs. -- we'll be right back.
5:56 pm
looks like we're in for a bumpy ride. go ahead, ignore me. but in this turbulent market, you're going to need help... protecting some of your assets for retirement. an axa equitable annuity could give you... guaranteed income for life. i'd call them, but what do i know? i'm just the 800-pound gorilla in the room. don't worry. i'm here. want guaranteed income for life? axa equitable is redefining what you expect from annuities. ooh, peanuts.
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>> gregg: time for top o news, a manhunt happening now for a cop-killer in washington state and the fbi joined in, investigators say, a gunman shot and killed four officers at a coffee shop tacoma and the sheriffs department believes they were specifically targeted. tiger woods says that car crash
5:59 pm
that sent him to the hospital, on friday, is al his fault and says, the crash is embarrassing to his family and he does have cuts and bruises and is pretty sore, woods cancelled a meeting yet again with florida police, for a third time. senate republican jon kyl wants democrats to scrap a health care reform bill up for debate tomorrow calling it unfix al. the democratic senator evan byah says any bill the senate passes may be imperfect but it is important, you can catch more of their comments on "fox news sunday" with chris wallace, coming up. >> julie: now a visit to a dinosaur park and a story that leads to a prehistoric find for a girl in maryland, imagine you are gabrielle and you find a 100 million-year-old vertebrae bone from a raptor and the nine-year-old made a discovery at a new park not far from the nation's capitol, people are allowed to dig around and gabrielle
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